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projects in alphabetical order

arduino and os9 communication [1]
basic sound generation [1]
cassette tape speed sequencer [1]
cassette tape speed control [1]
connecting a light dependent resistor [1]
dc motor control via pwm [1]
eight bit binary decode [1]
eight to one hard mux, soft demux [1]
embedded electronic drum sequencer [1] [2]
five five five square wave generator control [1]
four midi-controlled digital pots [1]
get data from a ping ultrasonic sensor using midi [1]
get data from a ping ultrasonic sensor using usb serial [1]
hack a vga signal [1]
how to deal with midi clock signals [1]
midi clock or potentiometers to 15 gameboys sync [1]
midi clock to nanoloop sync [1]
midi clock to nanoloop and lsdj sync [1]
midi clock to sync 24 [1]
midi-controlled atari pokey chip [1] [2]
midi-controlled spo256-al2 speech chip [1] [2]
midi-controlled sega master system button pressing [1]
midi-controlled sega master system music seqeuncing [1]
midi-controlled sn76489 (sega master system psg) [1] [2]
midi out example [1]
modulating the master clock of an sn76489 [1] [2]
multiple spi devices [1]
nes controller data[1]
noise maker (so-called) [1] [2]
nintendo ds to max/msp to arduino setup [1]
nintendo handheld console sound comparison [1]
read data from a ps/2 keyboard [1]
read sixteen digital inputs in max/msp [1]
read sixteen pots using two 4051 multiplexers [1]
printer bas120 interface [1]
printer drum machine [1]
polyphonic synth [1]
pots and switches to midi data [1] [2]
prophet 64 to nanoloop sync [1]
pc-controlled cynthcart filter [1]
pc-controlled vectrex [1] [2][3]
sawtooth waveform generation [1]
servo motor serial control [1]
simplest freeduino setup [1]
sixteen digital input to midi data using two shift registers [1]
sixteen step microtonal sequencer [1]
sixteen to two hard mux, soft demux [1]
ten bit data send from arduino to max/msp [1]
solar panel data [1]
spi bit banging technique [1]
standalone midi seqeuncer for nes [1]
standalone sequencer for vectrex [1]
thirty-two led fader [1]
twenty-four digital outputs using three shift registers [1] [2]